By some weird stroke of luck I saw this band while I was in New York recently and they left a pretty strong impression because I’ve been thrashing their records ever since. Curmudgeon are based in Boston and play fast aggressive hardcore punk/powerviolence with a surprisingly big sound for a drums/guitar/vocal 3 piece (this is based on how they played when I saw them, for all I know they have 20 members, I don’t research these things very far) The Martyr demo is likely to be re-recorded for vinyl but it’s definitely worth picking up in its current state, the last track is a great cover of the Cro Mags classic Hard Times. My favourite track both musically and lyrically is FLACID:

Contrived controversy. perfectly fabricated rebellion against real radicals who can think of nothing more boring than those who purposefully offend. Who lead sad lives to defend: their father’s stances, church-sanctioned romances, childish dances with fascistic ideologies, oppressive language renamed edgy comedy.

Their record Amygdala is definitely worth checking out as well, and the band has made it free to download HERE

Support this band! They destroy!



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