I feel like a lot of you will be aware of this band already, but for those poor souls who aren’t, you just came across one of the heaviest bands in the southern hemisphere.

Hailing from the depths of Auckland, New Zealand, Slavedriver are a 5 piece band that could be described as something like blackened hardcore meets sludge meets grind meets powerviolence. Their self produced debut album MARAUDERS OF THE WASTELAND is one of the most pissed off records I have heard in a very long time, from the first song this band takes you by the fucking throat and doesn’t let go until the end. Despite the blend of influences Slavedrivers sound is surprisingly cohesive and the record has a great flow to it. Musically I like all the songs (the intro of course being fucking crushing) but I’ve found myself thrashing SYNAXIS OF A PARIAH the most. Lyrically MARAUDERS is my favourite:

Marauders of the wasteland,
ride forth and fade to black.
We’re cursed riders of avarice
And scavengers of dead remains.

Smile fuckers,
It’s a nuclear winter.

Dig the ditches, bury your wealth,
Thieves & liars, arm yourselves.
Dig the ditches, bury your wealth,
Await the day your death is dealt.


You can buy Marauders of the wasteland on cassette through Life.Lair.Regret records by clicking HERE (If the link is dead you’re too late and that shit has sold out)



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