DEMONBROTHER is a 2 piece studio collaboration between Will Killingsworth (Ampere, Vaccine, Orchid, No Faith, Ritual Mess etc etc) and Andrew Jackmauh (Boston Strangler, Cut the shit, Failures etc) that resulted in what is easily one of my favourite releases of 2014. This record sounds like someone took powerviolence and surgically removed all the incoherent blast riffs, leaving you with all the crushing heaviness you need to get through your monotonous bullshit life. It’s noisy, angry and slow, but not as sludgy as you would expect. Musically my favourite track would be BRUXISM, lyrically I have no idea at this point but I’ll update this section once my LP arrives.


Please note: The download link above was found on another site, if you like this record don’t be an asshole, buy it.


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