For some reason I slept on this record.

I was aware of its existence, excited to hear it and intending to buy it, but being a useless cunt neglected to do this. Turns out I fucked up pretty bad.

Parents are a 4 piece band from Auckland, New Zealand that formed in 2009 and play a blend of music somewhere between screamo, hardcore punk and occasionally powerviolence. Parents new 7″ “Low Life” borrows from their chaotic, scramz influenced past and adds a more noisy and aggressive edge that I had not heard come from this band before, but it is very welcome. Musically my favourite track is RAVAGERS, lyrically I like CHANGE:

I work so hard for nothing. I can’t get no respect in my life. It cuts a hole a hole in me. I’m the beast that won’t submit. I thought it would change, thought it should change, thought it could change. Now I’m in front of you with nothing to lose.



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