Svffer are a female fronted band from Berlin that play some pretty fucking unrelenting hardcore. Lies we live is frantic, heavy and the vocals have a desperation about them that I’m a big fan of. Musically the track STAUB is my favourite because of the chaotic grindy vibes, lyrically I like FAINT:

Anxious, absent, empty sight
Cold of tensions, words slight
Ironclad, collapse, collide
Cutting deep. Tremble. Fall.

Lightheaded through the streets
Bleary faces, vague believes
A war or conflict, just to lose
Abandon to fight for nothing approved

And still it’s captured by all the lies we live

Losing, shaking, break inside
Scars were hiding, craving, bite
Dry and cold, tear apart
Cutting deep. Tremble. Fall.

Since the days have gone so far
Passing, leaving, hitting in dust
Searching for graves to bury us
Came to far to drop. Forgot.

Tremble. Fall.


Please note: The download link above was found on another blog, if you like the record don’t be an asshole, buy it.


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