Hollow Tongue hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico and play grindy, sludgy hardcore. TIME/DEATH is full of crushingly heavy riffs and sounds genuinely fucking angry. Musically the track SON OF MAN stands out the most to me, lyrically I like AVIDYA because it’s depressing:

reality of my skin.
weight of my being.
cast down onto earth.
fleshly breeding.
ignorance fills my mind.
trying to relate.
as I sink into sin.
I can’t commit.
so low.
creating boundaries.
human contempt.
consumes my soul.
leaning so low.
’cause I’m ready
to leave
this plane
of existence.
all of us.
time is dead.

You can order the TIME/DEATH 7″ from Crown & Throne HERE


I’m not tracking down a free download link for this, the 7″ is only $5 and digital is $2.50, if you like the record support the band!


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Melbourne, Australia // www.removalist.bandcamp.com

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