Veils are a blackened crust/hardcore punk band from Mataro, Spain. Unquestionable appreciation of suffering is raw, noisy and pissed off which is exactly what I need to get though the day. My favourite track from this record both musically and lyrically is Log:

Full generations are being wasted
Between the sounds of hope
And the lies or war

And what do we have left?

To Kill each other
in a daily basis
Of human dust
and modern life

So you better ready to suck shit

Bastard son of a loveless end
Stand up there talking nonsense
Have you seen yourself?
One eyed
No brained

Existence itself means nothing, we are dead. We are all dead. We have killed ourselves. We have destroyed what made us worth knowing each other, and nothing remains, only the feeling of being negative, frustrated, depressed, dead.



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