Crawler is a sludge/powerviolence band from Auckland, New Zealand who were active from between about 2009 to 2013. The band had two bassists and the records sound surprisingly coherent for how distorted their tones are. Also the difference between the two tapes is great, the band evolved from aggressive powerviolence into something that at times almost resembles noise rock. They pull off a great butthole surfers cover, which was not something I would have ever expected when I recorded their first tape (I shouldn’t really take that much credit for this, I recorded it with Angus Jones who ended up mixing it, dude is a lord, check out his grind/dbeat band TREPANATION) The B side of their first tape is a 15 minute noise track entitled A man’s struggle with his own homosexuality that I’m pretty sure is made up of samples from one of the early flight simulator games.

Anyway, I still have a couple the Crawler I tapes kicking around that I’ll mail for free to anyone who wants them. Share LOW PLACES and email me your details (along with any bands you think I’ll be interested in) to and they’re yours.



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