The Wrongmen are a long dead hardcore punk band from Auckland, New Zealand.

Like Strangers, The Wrongmen are another one of the bands that opened me up to another side of heavy music that I had not ever seen or experienced before. They formed in 2005 as the band Evil Priest was winding down and some of the members wanted to move in a new direction musically. Over their 2 year existence The Wrongmen released a CD and 7″, followed by a posthumous release including two covers (the integrity one is great) and a re-recorded version of No Heroes.

The Wrongmen played live like they were possessed, and the intensity and anger of their music translated well to their records. Though they only existed for a short time the impact that they made on New Zealand hardcore was both lasting and important.

After breaking up some of the members went on to play in Oilbarrons and Black Tuesday


The Wrongmen’s discography can be downloaded for free from their bandcamp


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