Useless Children are/were (I’m unsure of their current status) a 3 piece band from Melbourne, Australia.

I remember the first time I saw this band super vividly. They were playing after a bunch of powerviolence/d-beat bands, I watched them setting up, their guitarist had a light blue Stratocaster and like 200 pedals, I remember thinking “the fuck is going on here” as he warmed up with a super bright clean tone (naturally said pedals did a lot to change this once they started). They didn’t really sound check, they just plugged all their shit in, drummer did a 4 count and they fucking destroyed me. POST ENDING // PRE COMPLETION has pretty much lived in my record player since it came out, I’m not going to pigeon hole this band by likening them to any others, just listen to the fucking record. It’s easily one of the best releases to come out of Australia, ever.


Also, their back catalogue is well worth checking out too and available from their bandcamp


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