Recently something has really been getting to me.
People I know (or am aware of thanks to the Internet) glorify the early days of punk, hardcore, powerviolence, sludge etc in a way that suggests that nothing that follows could ever be as good. People seem to be obsessed at the moment with re-living the past, be it reunions of long dead bands or just talking shit about “how much better things were when I got into this”
The only real difference between hardcore/whatever when you got into it and hardcore/whatever now is your attitude, perception and involvement. There are still countless underground bands pushing creative boundaries and writing music that means something. Everyone has more access to alternative music these days and the world keeps getting worse. If that’s not the perfect breeding ground for intensifying waves of well written, pissed off music then I don’t know what is.
This year I turn 25.
Personally I don’t really care about age, or what you are expected to have accomplished by which age etc, but I have noticed that 25 seems to act as some kind of crossroads for people I know and heavy music. It seems that when people hit that magic number their participation in heavy music either begins to decrease or increase tenfold.
Admittedly I gave both routes some consideration, but I’m already too deep down that left hand path.
Head down and burn.
Low places is the first step in a series of projects that I’m becoming involved with this year, it will be a platform to share music that I think is relevant and important. I won’t be posting reviews in a traditional sense, you’ll have to make up your mind as to whether or not you like these bands on your own, I’m just here to bring them to your attention.
To back up what I said at the start of this rant I will be posting a band a day for the 31 days of January.
If that doesn’t prove that there are still good bands active then I don’t know what will.
Please direct any suggestions, submissions, dead links, removals, complaints or abuse to tom@lowplaces.org or use the form below



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