SANJURO are a mixed bag of a band from Saratoga Springs, New York.

This record sounds like the beginning of something very exciting. In truth the songs are all pretty stylistically different but the common thread is creative riffs and furious, earnestly delivered vocals. Ranging from metallic scramz with elements of powerviolence to slow melodic intros that melt into hopeless head nodding riffs, this band clearly has a lot of interesting ideas and with time to tighten what they’re doing have the potential to make some amazing music. My favourite track is Fix Up, Look Sharp, Make the Change.




UNRAVEL are a blackened deathmetal/thrash/hardcore band from Perth, Australia.

I discovered these guys tonight and I think I’ve listened to NEMESIS about 40 times because the breakdown is beyond juice. Yep. Thats how good it is. I can’t even make sense anymore.



PINCHGUT are a political hardcore punk band from Hobart, Tasmania.

During my first listen to this band I stopped the record and started again, I had to read the lyrics while it played. This is one of the realest things I have listened to in a long time. I encourage you to do what I did and see what this band has to say. It’s confronting and not easy to listen to, but you can hear the passion and honesty in the singers voice, and the messages in every song are important.

Bands like PINCHGUT are important.


This will be physically released very soon on ONE BRICK TODAY



ASH MOUTH are a crushing grind/d-beat/powerviolence band from Melbourne, Australia.

Man I don’t even know how to sum up this record. Normally when I listen to a grind band’s first release its unintelligible nonsense, I went into listening to this not expecting much (for no good reason) and had my head fucking blown off. There’s no filler, all the riffs are memorable and intense. There’s word that these dudes are going to drop another release soon, stay fucking tuned.



Drowning Horse is an experimental doom band from Perth in Western Australia, and are easily one of the heaviest bands I have ever seen. If I had to describe their music in one word it would be apocalyptic. Both records above are amazing, if you ever get the opportunity to see this band live do not miss them.




Melchior are a dark hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia.

Somehow it took me until 2:30am on a Monday night to finally check this band out. I was aware of them, had heard good things, and their tape came out on LETHAL DOSE so I presumed it would be good. Foolishly I slept on it and only now am I realising how bad I fucked up.

The thing that struck me immediately about Melchior is how real they sound. The desperation and anger in their music is impossible to ignore. Theres something in the vocals that leaves no doubt in my mind that the singer genuinely means and believes every single word on this record, and the lyrics match the music perfectly. I still haven’t decided on a favourite song, but the lyrics to BREAKING A PATTERN fucked me up when I read them:

i’m standing / under boiling water / so i can burn / your fucking fingerprints / off of my skin / my body is raw / my body is blistered / and what is your excuse? / your childhood / was different to mine? / you had it harder? // so you get to treat me badly? / that isn’t how / life fucking works / you don’t get to beat me down / and then tell me to stop / being so hard on myself / while your voice is bludgeoning / my head / against these walls / stop telling me / i’m not good enough / for anyone else // i would love to / destroy / the idea of you // i hope you / will suffer / the way / i have suffered

This band is important, I’m looking forward to seeing what they release next.