ASH MOUTH are a crushing grind/d-beat/powerviolence band from Melbourne, Australia.

Man I don’t even know how to sum up this record. Normally when I listen to a grind band’s first release its unintelligible nonsense, I went into listening to this not expecting much (for no good reason) and had my head fucking blown off. There’s no filler, all the riffs are memorable and intense. There’s word that these dudes are going to drop another release soon, stay fucking tuned.




Midwife are a 4 piece metallic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Labour Day is an assault of 6 pissed off, grindy, short, fast songs (the longest coming in at 1:03) that I’ve found myself listening to repeatedly since I first checked them out and I would advise you to do the same. I’ve seen this band play a bunch of times so it’s awesome to see that their energy and aggression translated so well into this record, download it.



Nervous Mothers are a grindy hardcore band from Antwerpen, Belgium. Listening to their music I hear a myriad of influences and that’s what I like about euro bands, typically they wont just pick a lane and regurgitate shit that’s been done before. This record is heavy, intense but most importantly interesting. My favourite track is Plague because of those crushing sludge riffs.

At this point the 7″ isn’t available because of a fuck up at the pressing plant, I will update this post once it is, in the meantime hassle the band to make this available to buy digitally!



Graves are a grindy, metallic hardcore band from Auckland, New Zealand. This split cassette is fucking gnarly start to finish with the longest song on the Graves side being barely over a minute. It’s super fast and the riffs are fucking sick. Take the requisite 2.5 minutes out of your life and check this shit out.

The Conniption side is dbeat raw punk from Dunedin, New Zealand and begins with a metal slug sample which is pretty fucking awesome.

Graves self titled 7″ is sick too and can be downloaded free from their bandcamp



Hollow Tongue hail from Albuquerque, New Mexico and play grindy, sludgy hardcore. TIME/DEATH is full of crushingly heavy riffs and sounds genuinely fucking angry. Musically the track SON OF MAN stands out the most to me, lyrically I like AVIDYA because it’s depressing:

reality of my skin.
weight of my being.
cast down onto earth.
fleshly breeding.
ignorance fills my mind.
trying to relate.
as I sink into sin.
I can’t commit.
so low.
creating boundaries.
human contempt.
consumes my soul.
leaning so low.
’cause I’m ready
to leave
this plane
of existence.
all of us.
time is dead.

You can order the TIME/DEATH 7″ from Crown & Throne HERE


I’m not tracking down a free download link for this, the 7″ is only $5 and digital is $2.50, if you like the record support the band!


I know that basically every heavy music blog in existence has posted this record but fuck you, I am too.

Water Torture originate from Buffalo, NY and play super heavy powerviolence with noise/grind/sludge elements thrown into the mix for good measure. I saw them live, was blown away, and immediately brought this record which has been on heavy rotation ever since. I’m not going to say anything else about this band, listen to the album and make up your own damn mind about it.



I feel like a lot of you will be aware of this band already, but for those poor souls who aren’t, you just came across one of the heaviest bands in the southern hemisphere.

Hailing from the depths of Auckland, New Zealand, Slavedriver are a 5 piece band that could be described as something like blackened hardcore meets sludge meets grind meets powerviolence. Their self produced debut album MARAUDERS OF THE WASTELAND is one of the most pissed off records I have heard in a very long time, from the first song this band takes you by the fucking throat and doesn’t let go until the end. Despite the blend of influences Slavedrivers sound is surprisingly cohesive and the record has a great flow to it. Musically I like all the songs (the intro of course being fucking crushing) but I’ve found myself thrashing SYNAXIS OF A PARIAH the most. Lyrically MARAUDERS is my favourite:

Marauders of the wasteland,
ride forth and fade to black.
We’re cursed riders of avarice
And scavengers of dead remains.

Smile fuckers,
It’s a nuclear winter.

Dig the ditches, bury your wealth,
Thieves & liars, arm yourselves.
Dig the ditches, bury your wealth,
Await the day your death is dealt.


You can buy Marauders of the wasteland on cassette through Life.Lair.Regret records by clicking HERE (If the link is dead you’re too late and that shit has sold out)