SANJURO are a mixed bag of a band from Saratoga Springs, New York.

This record sounds like the beginning of something very exciting. In truth the songs are all pretty stylistically different but the common thread is creative riffs and furious, earnestly delivered vocals. Ranging from metallic scramz with elements of powerviolence to slow melodic intros that melt into hopeless head nodding riffs, this band clearly has a lot of interesting ideas and with time to tighten what they’re doing have the potential to make some amazing music. My favourite track is Fix Up, Look Sharp, Make the Change.




UNRAVEL are a blackened deathmetal/thrash/hardcore band from Perth, Australia.

I discovered these guys tonight and I think I’ve listened to NEMESIS about 40 times because the breakdown is beyond juice. Yep. Thats how good it is. I can’t even make sense anymore.




ASH MOUTH are a crushing grind/d-beat/powerviolence band from Melbourne, Australia.

Man I don’t even know how to sum up this record. Normally when I listen to a grind band’s first release its unintelligible nonsense, I went into listening to this not expecting much (for no good reason) and had my head fucking blown off. There’s no filler, all the riffs are memorable and intense. There’s word that these dudes are going to drop another release soon, stay fucking tuned.



Strangers are a long dead band from Wellington, New Zealand.

The first time I saw them was in 2007, not long after changing their name from GSH or Guest Stabs Host, (their rational was pretty funny and still immortalised on the internet HERE) they played what was probably the heaviest music I had ever seen at that point and the lyrics read like poetry. At the time I was listening to fairly straight up hardcore but this was a gamechanger, Strangers opened me up to what would become a myriad of influential bands (a number of which the singer Rhydian recommended) and obliterated a lot of the (very uneducated) preconceived notions that I held about what hardcore was and what it could be.

It’s difficult to pick a favourite song but Mersault Blues was what sold me on this band:

Yesterday I killed a man, with the sun in my eyes and my feet in the sand.

It’s hot in my hands
but welcome to my cellroom:
it’s night;
a star-specked night,
and my mother’s death was out of sight, out of my hands and transient;
as fleeting as these starry lights.

I don’t need god,
I don’t need hope,
I don’t need anything from them but food and water.

It’s true that justice reeks of piss and being alone;
but I could die tomorrow
or maybe thirty years from now, and it’s just the same thing.

I lay myself open to the benign indifference; to my brother in despair;
to the folded arms of life.

And I shed no tears,
I speak no lies.
Greet me with cries of hatred at my execution. I want the world to watch me die,
to see my head roll.

A martyr to nothing. Nothing.

Strangers were an important influence to the generation of younger bands coming up in New Zealand the late 2000’s, they proved that it didn’t take open chords and breakdowns to make music heavy and if not for them I probably would have lost interest in local music.

You can download their discography by clicking the link below, all records come with a PDF of the lyrics.


PS: Rhydians band that followed this THE BODY LYRE was pretty interesting as well, I understand that he features in the video below as a child on Welsh television…



Removalist is a 5 piece crust/hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. I play in this band so it’s difficult to say anything too objective about Verses, but we worked super fucking hard on this record so thank you to anyone who checks it out.

It can be downloaded free from our bandcamp page or ordered HERE, I’ve sent a few of them to Diseased Audio in Chicago, and Vacation Vinyl in LA so hassle either of those places if you don’t want to pay crazy Australian prices for a 7″ (alternatively if you want one sent internationally email me directly and I’ll let you know what I can do for you)


PS: We have a split out with Caged Grave that you can check out HERE


Midwife are a 4 piece metallic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Labour Day is an assault of 6 pissed off, grindy, short, fast songs (the longest coming in at 1:03) that I’ve found myself listening to repeatedly since I first checked them out and I would advise you to do the same. I’ve seen this band play a bunch of times so it’s awesome to see that their energy and aggression translated so well into this record, download it.



Ides are a noisy as fuck female fronted hardcore band from New Jersey. Sorry, Nothing. is angry, loud, raw and well worth checking out. Musically this is more on the punk side of hardcore punk, and to be honest I’m into it. This record seems to draw from a bunch of different eras of American hardcore and the resultant blend worked out very well. I like all 3 tracks on this record but there’s this riff that comes in at 1:23 in Grief Cycle that makes me want to do that circle jerks skank dance so that probably makes it my favourite.

Also, check out their very high energy cover of Hard Times: