ASH MOUTH are a crushing grind/d-beat/powerviolence band from Melbourne, Australia.

Man I don’t even know how to sum up this record. Normally when I listen to a grind band’s first release its unintelligible nonsense, I went into listening to this not expecting much (for no good reason) and had my head fucking blown off. There’s no filler, all the riffs are memorable and intense. There’s word that these dudes are going to drop another release soon, stay fucking tuned.




Useless Children are/were (I’m unsure of their current status) a 3 piece band from Melbourne, Australia.

I remember the first time I saw this band super vividly. They were playing after a bunch of powerviolence/d-beat bands, I watched them setting up, their guitarist had a light blue Stratocaster and like 200 pedals, I remember thinking “the fuck is going on here” as he warmed up with a super bright clean tone (naturally said pedals did a lot to change this once they started). They didn’t really sound check, they just plugged all their shit in, drummer did a 4 count and they fucking destroyed me. POST ENDING // PRE COMPLETION has pretty much lived in my record player since it came out, I’m not going to pigeon hole this band by likening them to any others, just listen to the fucking record. It’s easily one of the best releases to come out of Australia, ever.


Also, their back catalogue is well worth checking out too and available from their bandcamp


Deadweight are a metallic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia.

Old bones is a heavy, chaotic two track record that I just listened to in its entirety three times and it became immediately clear that I needed to share it. While a few elements of their sound do remind me of other bands, I feel that Deadweight have an interesting brand of instrumentation that is truly their own. This is complimented by an overall feeling of desperation that I am a huge fan of, articulated both by their music and their lyrics:

Iron Wing:

Shackled tongue clamped to a bone,
A life mission holding me down,
an endemic vision, a malignant growth of change,

A burden and a gift
My curse of clarity
Sick with empathy

Chains of guilt cut through flesh,
Scabs of hope picked and bled,
Scars align.. Sickness, stronger than iron

Blood of vermin crawling through my skin,
The parasite in my wings, the scavenger of hope

Rise dear plague of flight,
be my dream and infect all.

Deadweight’s 2014 demo was also great and worth downloading, if these two records are an indication of where this band is going then I highly recommend you pay attention.



Removalist is a 5 piece crust/hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. I play in this band so it’s difficult to say anything too objective about Verses, but we worked super fucking hard on this record so thank you to anyone who checks it out.

It can be downloaded free from our bandcamp page or ordered HERE, I’ve sent a few of them to Diseased Audio in Chicago, and Vacation Vinyl in LA so hassle either of those places if you don’t want to pay crazy Australian prices for a 7″ (alternatively if you want one sent internationally email me directly and I’ll let you know what I can do for you)


PS: We have a split out with Caged Grave that you can check out HERE


Midwife are a 4 piece metallic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. Labour Day is an assault of 6 pissed off, grindy, short, fast songs (the longest coming in at 1:03) that I’ve found myself listening to repeatedly since I first checked them out and I would advise you to do the same. I’ve seen this band play a bunch of times so it’s awesome to see that their energy and aggression translated so well into this record, download it.



Solis are a metallic hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve seen this band play a couple of times and have been hanging out for a record. This demo is heavy, intense and a good indication that you should keep your eye on this band. Dead Air is my jam both musically and lyrically:

Concrete filled lungs
Ash stained wrought flesh

Nothing tangible
just roaring blood
Static, white noise

Increasingly withdrawn
I can’t connect

The empty, swelling resonance of dead air

I’m stagnant

The empty, swelling resonance
The empty, swelling resonance, dead air

With concrete filled lungs
And ash stained wrought flesh

I need to limit the damage
I need to keep this contained
I need to disconnect
Retreat, fade out

Concrete filled lungs
Ash stained wrought flesh

Solid first record, looking forward to hearing more from these guys.



Caged Grave are a powerviolence band from Melbourne, Australia. The record above is their demo and the reason I’m posting it (aside from it being great) is that it’s the first thing I heard before meeting/becoming friends with them, and so my opinion of it isn’t clouded by “friend ears”. This demo stood out to me for a number of reasons, the main one being that the fast riffs seem to have more coherency than a lot of the fastcore/PV I had been listening to at the time, and they are met with precise but frantic feeling drums. The effect of this is that it doesn’t feel like this record has any filler, there’s no sloppy guitar hidden behind layers of noise and fast drumming, the songs are short, to the point and heavy as fuck. Musically my favourite track from the demo is DARK, lyrically I like MORE TO LIFE because it’s to the fucking point:

I can’t stomach this
I need to escape
More to life than this
Always Moving on

Move on
You’re Fucked.

Since the demo CG have done a bunch of releases and they all kill. Do yourself a favour and have a look at their bandcamp below, in the meantime I’ll leave you with these:

The Removalist side of this split can be found HERE, and can be ordered HERE.