SANJURO are a mixed bag of a band from Saratoga Springs, New York.

This record sounds like the beginning of something very exciting. In truth the songs are all pretty stylistically different but the common thread is creative riffs and furious, earnestly delivered vocals. Ranging from metallic scramz with elements of powerviolence to slow melodic intros that melt into┬áhopeless head nodding riffs, this band clearly has a lot of interesting ideas and with time to tighten what they’re doing have the potential to make some amazing music. My favourite track is Fix Up, Look Sharp, Make the Change.




I know that basically every heavy music blog in existence has posted this record but fuck you, I am too.

Water Torture originate from Buffalo, NY and play super heavy powerviolence with noise/grind/sludge elements thrown into the mix for good measure. I saw them live, was blown away, and immediately brought this record which has been on heavy rotation ever since. I’m not going to say anything else about this band, listen to the album and make up your own damn mind about it.