PINCHGUT are a political hardcore punk band from Hobart, Tasmania.

During my first listen to this band I stopped the record and started again, I had to read the lyrics while it played. This is one of the realest things I have listened to in a long time. I encourage you to do what I did and see what this band has to say. It’s confronting and not easy to listen to, but you can hear the passion and honesty in the singers voice, and the messages in every song are important.

Bands like PINCHGUT are important.


This will be physically released very soon on ONE BRICK TODAY



Graves are a grindy, metallic hardcore band from Auckland, New Zealand. This split cassette is fucking gnarly start to finish with the longest song on the Graves side being barely over a minute. It’s super fast and the riffs are fucking sick. Take the requisite 2.5 minutes out of your life and check this shit out.

The Conniption side is dbeat raw punk from Dunedin, New Zealand and begins with a metal slug sample which is pretty fucking awesome.

Graves self titled 7″ is sick too and can be downloaded free from their bandcamp